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Estate Litigation

Sometimes, no matter how carefully a will is drafted or how detailed a trust may be, one or more potential beneficiaries may disagree with the terms or the ultimate disposition of assets. In many of these situations, the executor of the estate and the heirs are unable to reach a resolution on their own. Securing the assistance of a skilled estate litigation attorney may be the only way to effectively resolve the matter.

Since 1946, Rothstein, Mandell, Strohm & Halm has been committed to providing comprehensive estate litigation services to clients throughout Ocean County, New Jersey. Whether you are an estate executor or the beneficiary of a will or trust, our attorneys are fully prepared to aggressively represent your interests and honor the true intentions of the deceased.

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What Kind Of Estate Dispute Are You Involved In?

In order to provide effective estate litigation services, an attorney must have a comprehensive knowledge of the law and the ability to discern the final wishes of the recently departed. Our attorneys have extensive experience in this complex yet delicate area of law.

They are readily able to litigate the following matters:

  • Disputes over personal property, real estate or bank accounts
  • Contests over the authenticity of a will
  • Disagreements regarding the appointment of an executor
  • Removal of an executor due to abuse of fiduciary duties

When it comes to estate litigation, emotions run high. Family members are often pitted against one another, forced to take sides whether they want to or not. Our attorneys recognize the fragility of family relationships and work to ease matters of confusion and frustration.

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